“KELTIC KNOT” Spring Loaded Soft Tip

“KELTIC KNOT” Spring Loaded Soft Tip


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Here you are…..

Voks NEW “Keltic Knot

Available in Fixed Point 24g, 26g

Fulcrum 24g, 26g

Spring Loaded Soft tip 18g, 20g

EL-C 24g, 26g

***Easily converts to Steel Tip using Voks “Fulcrum Point”: /https://voksdarts.com/shop/points/points-fulcrum/

All of our dart sets come with Voks logo engraving, Shafts, Points, Flights, Point Protector, Designer pouch, & Designer packing.

Barrel Diameter 0.281″ (7.14mm)

Barrel Length 1.60″ (40.64mm)

*Fitted with DartWorld Flights*

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18G, 20G