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Voks Darts specials #89

We have a lot more “Specials” on our site to reduce our inventory still. We are adding new ones every week. This beauty is an EL-C gold heat treated model. She runs $56 and comes in a 21G weight. Please remember that All of our “Specials” are ”One-of-A-Kind” sets.
In Rare cases, there may be 2-3 sets available.

“Specials” are sets that were made as Prototypes, design tests, coating tests, etc.

Small imperfections can occur.

These cannot be re-ordered.

Kind of like “Where’s Waldo?”

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Voks “Design your own Dart” competition

Less than 6 weeks left to get your sketches and ideas in for the Voks “Design your own Dart” competition. Have you sent us yours yet? If you haven’t, send something whether you can draw or not… We don’t care about that, we just want to see your creativity! You never know you may get lucky and win!!

Voks Darts “Outlaw Coating” has made it’s Debut!!

Voks “Outlaw Coating” has made it’s Debut!! What do you think? This is a set of “Specials” Soft Tip that comes in 20grams. This particular set runs $52

Valentine Voks Dart Special ** Get it now **

No better way than showing the one you love you Really Do love them… Get an engraved Set of Darts or Engraved Shafts for them!
This set shown is a Helix Ninja customer painted with Love  and Engraved with a small message. This special set is priced for $85 with engraving included.
(Also Available in Soft Tip for $70)
**Remember** The Helix can be converted and used as a Soft Tip too

“Design your own Dart” Competition

Thank you to each and everyone of you for all of your support, we always have a lot of requests for Customized darts, so we would like to give back to you all and open up this competition to anyone interested.

Feel free to share if you would like!!

Email us your very own sketch at

Sketches must be received no later than April 1st, 2014.

Cali West wins it again!

That’s right, Cali, the lead is calling your name again!
long day of darts! just won the singles 501 in Las Vegas!!! vs Shea Reynolds. close match – squeaked out the victory in the 7th leg, taking an 86 out to win. Voks Darts ROCKS!

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