Soft Steel 18g – Item #: 417

Soft Steel 18g – Item #: 417


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*Comes standard with a 0.9g Aluminum plunger, can be weight adjusted up to 22g using various plungers available under the accessories category from our Home page.

Easily converts to Steel Tip with the “Soft Steel Conversion Kit”

All of our “Specials” are ”One-of-A-Kind” sets.

In Rare cases, there may be 2-3 sets available.

“Specials” are sets that were made as Prototypes, design tests, coating tests, etc.

Small imperfections can occur.

These cannot be re-ordered.

All of our dart sets come with Voks logo engraving, Shafts, Points, Flights, Point Protector, Designer pouch, & Designer packing.