2BA Fixed Point (Positron/Helix) 25g – Item #: 363

2BA Fixed Point (Positron/Helix) 25g – Item #: 363

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This set comes with 2BA Brass Fixed points which weigh it in at 25g.

It can easily be converted to Positron (26g): https://voksdarts.com/shop/points/positron-point/

and Helix (26g): https://voksdarts.com/shop/points/helix-points-with-spring/    

Our “Specials” are ”One-of-A-Kind” sets.
In Rare cases, there may be 2-3 sets available.
“Specials” are sets that were made as Prototypes, design tests, coating tests, etc.
Small imperfections can occur.
These cannot be re-ordered.

All of our dart sets come with Voks logo engraving, Shafts, Points, Flights, Point Protector, Designer pouch, & Designer packing.