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Tungsten (Wolfram) Writing Instruments

Tungsten (Wolfram) Writing Instruments




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Specially and Proudly Made in the USA.

Full Tungsten Pens and Mechanical Pencils

  • Tungsten Pens come standard with Blue Ink and use Standard Parker Ink Cartridges.
  • Tungsten Mechanical Pencils use 0.7mm lead refills.

All Writing Instruments comes as seen in photos with Holding Case. 

Choose from Smooth Space Grey Finish, Black Coated Finish, or Gold Coated Finish.

Choose from Pen, Pencil, or Set of both Pen & Pencil.


Each PART is made in house on our commercial CNC equipment and we are proud to be able to offer a one of a kind Bolt Action Mechanism that is press fitted together to make is as simple and long lasting as possible.

Unlike ANYTHING else on the market, our Tungsten Pen & Pencils go through a 17 hour tumbling process.

For the Black and Gold Finish products, they are put through another process of a Titanium CarboNitride coating. This is a process that are only used for high end machine cutting tools to make it much harder than the metal they are actually cutting, it is a very complicated process where the coating is fumed on under vacuum, but gives the hardest surface possible and will make your pen look like new decades from now. IT WILL NOT WEAR OFF.

**Please note when ordering a SET, the colors will both be the same and if you choose to add engraving, the same engraving will be on both products.**

  • Diameter and Length are consistent with each instrument (pen and pencil). The weights can vary (please see photo of dimensions).
  • We are Proud to offer fiber Laser Engraving on your Pen or Pencil. We have the option of a Text (up to 15 characters) OR a # from the Engraving Chart (please see photo of options).
  •  Please see some of the examples of what it will look like with the Laser engraving (Please see the photo of the Engraving samples). The Black Finish pens will have a silver/grey engraving. The Gold Finish & Space Grey will have a dark grey/black engraving.
  • We have a VERY unique style of Bolt Action Mechanisms. After research and design we are proud to be able to make these pens and pencils with what we like to call “No Gapping“.Like most other pens, when engaging the bolt action, there is a gap or spacing that is left open above the mechanism (Please see photo of “Pen Bolt Action Mechanisms“). This allows dirt and dust to get in the pen, and this is definitely not something that can be cleaned. Over time, the bolt action can be affected and stop working correctly. Our confidence in this new way of making these pens and pencils will help last forever!! We have also angled the movement to follow the natural movement of you finger, giving the bolt action a very smooth and easy feel.Our UNIQUE Bolt Action Engagement will stay clean forever! Since we refuse to make a product that will show gaping on the top, we definitely refuse to make a product to show any type of gapping.
  • There is nothing like using a pen and you can feel the cartridge moving. The pen tip moves around and feels loose. NOT OURS!! With our parts being specifically designed and machine to detail,  you will feel smooth writing and you will be able to see the difference very clearly! (Please see the photo of the pen tips showing “Ours vs. Others” with the No Gapping on the bottom either).
  • Each instrument will be packed in it’s own protective stylish box (Please see the photo of the carrying case each on comes with) Sets will come with a double case for both pieces.

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Space Grey Pen, Space Grey Mechanical Pencil, Black Pen, Black Mechanical Pencil, Gold Pen, Gold Mechanical Pencil

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