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Detonator Color Flow 25g – Positron

Detonator Color Flow 25g – Positron

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Upgrade to Helix Points? *

Upgrade to Helix Points?

The “Detonator” revamped! 

Comes in set of 3 darts.

Voks “Color Flow” coating. Color will vary based on sets. Mixture of metallic golds, blues, purples, teal. Rainbow style.

This order comes standard with our Voks “Positron Point Kit.”  You may choose to upgrade to Helix points. 

Easily converts to regular 2BA Soft Tip:

Easily converts to moveable/rotating Helix using the “Helix Point Kit”:    


All of our dart sets come with Voks logo engraving, Shafts, Points, Flights, Point Protector, Designer pouch, & Designer packing.

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